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Intensity Pro 4K
Intensity Pro 4K
79 800 Ft

Intensity Pro 4K

Capture and playback in SD, HD and Ultra HD for your HDMI, YUV, S-Video and NTSC/PAL devices

79 800 Ft

Archive Old Tapes and DVDs
Preserve your most valuable video forever!

Rescue your old VHS, BetaMax video tapes and DVDs by making digital archives with Intensity Pro 4K!

If your DVDs get scratched or your old tapes deteriorate and break you could lose important video memories forever.

And as tapes get older, it’s harder and harder to find working decks to play them back!

You can even adjust the audio and video levels before you capture so that your video looks as good as possible.

Files can be saved as either uncompressed or compressed video so your valuable video is preserved forever!